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Art and Ambiance: My Paintings Find a Home at Dundees Restaurant, Cairns Aquarium

Updated: Nov 3

Hello, art and nature enthusiasts! I’m Petra Meikle De Vlas, and I am thrilled to share a delightful convergence of art and ambiance. My paintings, inspired by the breathtaking beauty of Far North Queensland, have found a harmonious setting at Dundees Restaurant, located within the enchanting realms of the Cairns Aquarium.

A Perfect Union: Art and Environment

Dundees Restaurant is not just a dining space; it’s an experience that immerses you in the aquatic wonders of our region. Having my paintings displayed here is a beautiful union. The restaurant’s atmosphere, surrounded by the vibrant marine life of the Cairns Aquarium, complements the essence and inspiration behind my artworks, creating a space where art and nature resonate together.

cairns aquarium restaurant

Art that Echoes the Aquatic Wonder

My paintings, influenced by the diverse ecosystems, the majestic Great Barrier Reef, and the mystical landscapes of our region, find a meaningful connection at Dundees. Each piece echoes the aquatic wonder, the colors, and the life that the Cairns Aquarium celebrates, enhancing the dining experience with the vibrancy of our natural heritage.

cairns aquarium

A Dining Experience Enriched with Art

Dundees Restaurant offers a unique dining experience, where the flavors are enhanced by the visual feast of art and the surrounding aquatic life. It’s a place where each meal becomes a journey through the natural wonders of Far North Queensland, accompanied by the artistic expressions of its beauty.

cairns aquarium cafe

cairns aquarium restaurant

Conclusion: Celebrating the Confluence of Art and Nature

Join me in celebrating this wonderful collaboration at Dundees Restaurant at the Cairns Aquarium, where art, nature, and culinary delights come together to create an experience that captivates the senses and celebrates the beauty of our region.

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