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My Artistic Journey: From the Heart of Queensland to the Global Prints of Gammamade and the US

Hello, art enthusiasts and nature lovers! I’m Petra Meikle De Vlas, and I want to share a chapter of my artistic journey that fills me with immense joy and gratitude. Born and nurtured amidst the ethereal beauty of Far North Queensland, Australia, my soul has always been in a passionate dialogue with the natural wonders surrounding me—the mystical Daintree Rainforest, the awe-inspiring Great Barrier Reef, and the enchanting tropics have been my muses, guiding my hands and heart in creating pieces of art that resonate with the spirit of these divine landscapes.

Gammamade: A New Horizon

I am thrilled to announce that my artworks have found a new horizon to shine—the prestigious platform, Gammamade. Based in the United States, Gammamade is not just a gallery; it’s a vibrant community where art meets passion, creativity, and global exposure. It’s an honor to have my creations hosted on a platform that celebrates diversity, creativity, and the universal language of art.

ocean artwork

A Confluence of Visions

Collaborating with Gammamade has been a journey of growth, exploration, and beautiful confluences. Their platform has allowed my artworks, inspired by the heartbeats of Queensland’s nature, to reach art lovers across the globe, allowing the essence of our natural wonders to touch hearts and souls internationally.

ocean artwork

Sharing the Spirit of Queensland

On Gammamade, each piece of my art becomes a storyteller, sharing tales of the vibrant hues, rhythmic patterns, and soul-soothing tranquility of Queensland’s landscapes. It’s about bringing a piece of our heaven on earth into the lives of people, spreading the beauty, harmony, and inspiration that our surroundings generously offer.

ocean artwork

Conclusion: Gratitude and Dreams

I am filled with gratitude for this opportunity to collaborate with Gammamade, and I am excited about the dreams and possibilities that this new chapter unfolds. Together, we aim to bring the spirit of Queensland’s nature into the hearts of art enthusiasts, spreading love, inspiration, and the timeless beauty of our planet’s wonders.

Explore and experience the collection on Gammamade.

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