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A Symphony of Artistic Success on 'The Block'

Updated: Nov 3

In a moment of triumphant artistic recognition, I, Petra Meikle De Vlas, had the extraordinary opportunity to showcase my artwork on Australia’s renowned renovation reality TV show, "The Block." This remarkable experience marked a pivotal milestone in my artistic journey, allowing the essence of my creativity to resonate within the beautifully curated spaces of the show.

the block

A Canvas of Oceanic Beauty on 'The Block'

My artwork, a mesmerizing 2m x 1m painting inspired by the Great Barrier Reef, found its place in the winning apartment of Jesse and Mel, adding a touch of oceanic allure to their living room. This piece, part of my Ocean collection, embodies an impressionistic portrayal of the Reef’s breathtaking beauty, allowing viewers to immerse themselves in its vibrant colors and rhythms.

petra's painting in a house
Footage of the tv show

An Artistic Journey from Hill End to National Recognition

Originating from Hill End and having explored diverse landscapes, from the Northern Territory to Far North Queensland, my journey has been a tapestry woven with varied cultural and natural inspirations. The exposure on "The Block" has been a transformative milestone, amplifying my presence in the Australian art scene and opening doors to new opportunities and recognitions.

hill end victoria
The city i was born, Hill End

Collaboration with Art Lovers Australia

The opportunity to feature my artwork on "The Block" was facilitated through a cherished collaboration with Art Lovers Australia. This platform has been instrumental in connecting my art with a broader audience, fostering relationships that enhance the visibility and appreciation of my creative expressions.

art prints
Art Lovers Prize 2020 - Art Lovers Australia

Conclusion: Celebrating the Harmony of Art and Space

The experience on "The Block" stands as a testament to the power of art in enhancing spaces, telling stories, and connecting hearts. It has been a journey of celebration, appreciation, and incredible artistic milestones, marking a cherished chapter in my ongoing exploration of creativity and expression.

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