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A Queensland Spirit in Germany: My Artistic Collaboration with Dotcomcanvas

Updated: Nov 3

Hello, art enthusiasts! I’m Petra Meikle De Vlas, deeply rooted in the enchanting realms of Far North Queensland, Australia. My artistic journey, inspired by the ethereal beauty of the Daintree Rainforest and the mesmerizing allure of the Great Barrier Reef, has found a new expression on a unique canvas - the pristine acrylic glass of Dotcomcanvas, based in Germany.

Acrylic Glass: A Canvas that Captures Brilliance

In collaboration with Dotcomcanvas, my artworks have transcended traditional boundaries, embracing the luminous and contemporary medium of acrylic glass. This material captures the vividness, depth, and fluidity of my creations, enhancing the colors and forms inspired by Queensland’s natural wonders.

acrylic glass artwork

Dotcomcanvas: A Confluence of Innovation and Art

Dotcomcanvas has been a beacon of innovation and artistic excellence. Their dedication to presenting art in a modern and elegant manner aligns beautifully with my vision. Together, we bring to life the vibrant hues, dynamic patterns, and the spirit of Far North Queensland in a way that resonates with clarity and brilliance on acrylic glass.

acrylic glass artwork

Sharing Queensland’s Essence with the World

This collaboration is a gateway to sharing the essence of Queensland’s landscapes with the world. The acrylic glass meticulously carries the stories, emotions, and natural beauty of our environment, allowing each piece to shine with authenticity and artistic integrity.

acrylic glass ocean artwork

Conclusion: A Journey of Artistic Exploration

Join me in exploring this artistic journey where the natural brilliance of Queensland finds a resonant expression on the exquisite acrylic glass of Dotcomcanvas. It’s a celebration of creativity, innovation, and the timeless beauty of our surroundings.

Explore the collaboration on Dotcomcanvas.

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